Danziger’s Britain – Nick Danziger

Given that the first two books I’ve talked about are both non-fiction, you could be forgiven for thinking that I read factual prose more often than the made-up stuff, which would be totally wrong.

If fact, I only read Danziger’s Britain on the recommendation of an old University friend of mine, Karl, who I met at a reunion, if memory serves me correctly.

Danziger is that rare breed, a photojournalist, who in this book travels round Britain meeting, snapping and talking to those people who live on the breadline.

Even though this was written and first published in 1996, I somehow doubt that much has changed in that time and it has possibly worsened considerably.

The poor are always the group in society who are both most overlooked and most maligned. We see them every day, yet pay them little or no attention.

Nick Danziger travels from his spiritual home in Brixton to Cornwall, on to Wales through the Midlands, then north to Yorkshire, Newcastle, Scotland and many other places in between.

The result is a thought-provoking, at times quite disturbing journey around the UK where Danziger meets people who survive against all the odds on pretty much no money.

Not always an uplifting book, Danziger portrays a view of the UK that rarely gets made public, while often putting himself in potential danger.

Although now more than a decade old, this book has no less significance today. If you want to be challenged, try it.


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