The Old Man of Lochnagar – HRH The Prince Of Wales

Long before the likes of Madonna, Sarah Ferguson, Geri Halliwell and the rest of the current crop of ‘celebrity’ children’s books came The Old Man of Lochnagar from none other than Prince Charles.

I got this from my Dad and step-mum for Christmas 1980 and from what I remember there was quite a bit of kerfuffle when this was published.

Basically, Prince Charles had written this story for his younger brothers, Andrew and Edward, 11 years previously, when they were only 9 and 5, to keep them entertained during a voyage on HMS Britannia.

So what’s the book like? Well, it’s a fairly entertaining read about an old man who lives in a cave in Scotland and his adventures around the loch and all the other odd little creatures and animals from the locality.

Looking at it now, probably 20 years since I last read it, it seems quite quaint and old-fashioned and the language seems quite difficult for such a young age group.

Having not bought into the latest crop of celeb novelists, I can’t really compare, but it’s not that bad.

If you’re after a bit of history, then seek out a copy – just don’t go expecting a Jacqueline Wilson or Philip Pullmann.


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