The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters – GW Dahlquist

Glass Books Of Dream EatersI picked up The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters on a whim one day while in Waterstones.

It was the cover that did it for me – it’s so mysterious and the title is brilliant, meaning nothing and everything.

The length of the book didn’t really seem that daunting to start with, but once you start reading and realise the density of the text and story, the 700-odd pages seem an awful lot longer.

The book is set in a fictional place that seems like England, but isn’t and could be the early 20th century, but possibly isn’t.

If that sounds less than helpful, then it’s not meant to be. The book is just mindblowing in its scale, ingenuity and depth. There’s a review quote that likens it to a mix of styles such as Dickens, Sherlock Holmes and Rider Haggard and I can’t deny that – in fact, it’s possibly the best description you can take.

Possibly the most modern author I could compare this to is Phillip Pullman and his Dark Materials trilogy, although I would say this is far more believable.


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