With Nails – Richard E Grant

With Nails by Richard E GrantAutobiographical celebrity memoirs fall into two categories, in my view.
1) The dull, lifeless tomes written because the person concerned has been given a massive fee upfront
2) The surprisingly entertaining and insightful accounts that make it worth the trouble of any celeb writing them in the first place.

With Nails by Richard E Grant falls firmly into the 2nd category.

You may think that a book about the goings on behind the scenes of movies would be a bit dull, but you’d be very wrong.

In the hands of Grant, it’s a witty, entertaining, self-deprecating romp. Taking in films such as Withnail & I, Dracula and The Player, to name but three, he regales the reader with anecdotes that, while never really bad-mouthing anyone, leave you in no doubt as to what Grant thinks.

It covers A-List parties, features some of the biggest movie stars in the world, but also charts some of the more difficult sides of being an actor – stuck in a city you don’t know on a movie that you know stinks.

If you have a vague interest in films or celebrity culture, this book will delight you. Grant is a natural raconteur and deserves all the success he achieves, if this book is anything to go by.


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