Slabrat – Ted Heller

SlabratSlab Rat – terrible name, cracking book. Written by the son of Joseph “Catch-22” Heller, Slab Rat is a story about the world of magazines in New York.

Zachary Post works on It, a trashy celebrity monthly magazine loosely based on Vanity Fair. It mocks the way magazines are run, the people who work in them and the seriousness they try to imbue them with.

Slab Rat has no pretentions to high literature – it’s a rollicking read that mocks both celebrity culture and the people who are employed to give it air.

I have to confess I have a vested interest, given that I’ve worked in the world of magazines in the past, so it possibly makes Slab Rat far more entertaining than other people might find it.

That said, it’s written with an enjoyable ear and eye for office life and should provide more than a laugh or two for anyone who works in front of a computer all day and has to put up with the pettiness of spending all day behind a desk.

A far cry from the subject matter of his father’s legendary novel, that doesn’t make this book any less of an achievement. If you fancy an easy, enjoyable, undemanding read that’s a cut above the normal, then you could do a lot worse than Slab Rat.


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