Random Acts of Heroic Love – Danny Scheinmann

Random Acts of Heroic Love

Random Acts of Heroic Love

From the cover, this struck me as a slightly more female-friendly story, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s written entirely from a male perspective.

Random Acts of Heroic Love is divided into two concurrent love stories, one set in the modern era, the other in WW1. It’s implicit from the start that the two are linked – otherwise why write the book in the first place – and as the novel unfolds the link becomes clearer and clearer.

So far so good. but, and it’s a big but, the novel just doesn’t have enough tension. It’s written nicely enough, but using the word ‘nice’ indicates that it’s not brilliant. And the ‘link’ I referred to earlier is also unbelievably obvious.

Apparently Scheinmann has been working on this book for years. Well, unfortunately it’s not as great as it should be if he’s been toiling away for that long. The two characters are possibly just a bit too limp and lifeless to be truly engaging and don’t carry enough conviction to make you want to care about them.

Clearly, some people like it. After all, it’s a Richard & Judy Summer Read, so it can’t be totally devoid of merit. And, in fact, I’m not suggesting it’s terrible, it’s just not outstanding. It’s readable, but ultimately a little disappointing.

Better luck next time, Mr Scheinmann – assuming there is one!


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